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WordNet-Online - Free dictionary and hierarchical thesaurus of English.

CRM for Lotus Notes
iExtensions CRM is an award wining CRM software solution for Lotus Notes which can help you achieve your business goals efficiently.

California SEO Company
WebMarketing123 is a SEO company based in San Francisco, California. We offer PPC & SEO services in California. - web design and development directory.
Hosting Reseller Programs
- Resources for web hosting resellers.
Startup Genie
- handy software utility that allows you to control what programs run at system startup.
024h Lucky Reminder - excellent daily/weekly/montly reminder software.
SoftDir - Software directory. Submit your software titles for review.
ComputerSafe software brings an "All-in-One" solution to PC security concerns.
Designed to control access, protect files and track usage its a good compliment to Firewall & Anti-Virus tools. The Easy Way to Find Link Swap Partners
Domain Hosting - Offers email hosting, virtual web hosting, and ecommerce hosting with WebsiteOS that allows users to make a web site with free templates.
Template Expert - Web Design Experts. We offer Free Website Templates, Flash Templates, Logo Templates, HTML Templates. Specialisation in-Flash, Dreamweaver,
Frontpage, GoLive. Professional Templates for immediate download.
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Natural Linguistics

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Bizquest: Small business for sale listings buy sell business
Small business for sale listings, small businesses for sale by owner, franchise and business opportunities, business brokers, and tips for
selling a business or buying a small business at Bizquest.

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weekly tool
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weekly reminder
weekly remind utility
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weekly calendar
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weekly alert utility
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weekly alert
time utility
time tool
time software
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time reminder utility
time reminder tool
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time reminder
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time organizer
time notify utility
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time notification utility
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time notification
time freeware
time calendar utility
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time calendar
time application
time alert utility
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time alert
reminder utility
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event planner utility
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event planner
event organizer utility
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desktop planner utility
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desktop organizer utility
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desktop notify utility
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date utility
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alert utility
alert tool
alert software
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alert freeware
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