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We offer you 35% of all sales generated from your site. This is $12.25-$70 for LAN Find (depending of edition). LAN Find is very useful program and sells good so it would be nice addition to your budget. Affiliate tracking is performed by ShareIt system. This ensures you receive your earnings. Payment are made by one of the following methods: check, wire transfer, direct deposit. Online real-time statistics available. Each visitor is tracked for a term of 6 months so you receive your earnings if he/she become a customer within this term. Sign up and start earning today!

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You may use the banners below (please do not hotlink). Also you may provide a good text link.
After affiliate registration you will receive your affiliate ID. Please link to:
Replace AFF_ID with your affiliate ID.

*** Advanced options ***

You may send customers directly to check out page (e.g. from "Buy now" button, etc.):
Replace AFF_ID with your affiliate ID. Replace PROD_ID with a product id taken from our order page (see second table).

Custom build of LAN Find is available on demand. We integrate your links into the software and you may sell it from your own site. Please sign up as affiliate and then contact us. Please provide the following information in your email: your name, email address, web site URL.

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